Canada is finally opening up to tourists after keeping the border tightly-zipped for the past 17 months, but things are still not totally back to normal.

In early July, the gradual reopening of canadian border began with fully vaccinated  exempt travelers. Then on July 19, Health Canada announced that restrictions would be even less strict come August 9.

By September 7, we are expecting the border to reopen to fully vaccinated tourists from all countries. Of course, we are still in a pandemic, and these measures are subject to change.

But with what we do know for now, we answered some of the internet’s most popular questions on coming to Canada this summer and fall.

When will travel to Canada resume?

The border is opening to fully vaccinated tourists from the U.S. one minute after midnight on August 9. They have to be U.S. citizens and permanent residents. Temporary U.S. residents like International students will have to wait until September 7 when Canada is scheduled to open to fully vaccinated tourists from the rest of the world.

Travel will resume to fully vaccinated travellers from all countries on September 7. Of course, this date is subject to the ever-changing nature of the pandemic. The government is always monitoring the coronavirus situation in Canada and abroad.

As for unvaccinated tourists, the prime minister of Canada has said it will be quite a while before these travellers can come.

How does Canada define “fully” vaccinated travellers?

Currently, Canada only considers you “fully” vaccinated if you have received the full recommended dose of a vaccine from a manufacturer approved by Health Canada. There are four: Astra Zeneca, Pfizer, Moderna, and Janssen (Johnston & Johnson).

Also, two weeks need to have elapsed between your final injection and your attempt to cross the border. Otherwise you risk being deemed “not fully vaccinated,” which could result in being turned away at the border or having to quarantine.

What if I want to travel to Canada from India?

Canada extended the direct flight ban between Canada and India until Sep 21. For now, travellers from India will need to take an indirect route and supply a negative COVID-19 test taken within 72 hours of their departure in a third country.

Do I need to quarantine?

It depends. Everyone who comes to Canada still needs to arrive with a quarantine plan in case the officer determines they must isolate for 14 days. The final decision on who has to quarantine rests with the officers at the border.

Will travel to Canada require COVID-19 vaccine?

It depends on the purpose of your travel and whether or not your are exempt from travel restrictions. If you are coming for an essential reason, but you are not fully vaccinated in the government’s eyes, you will probably have to undergo quarantine and testing measures. If you are coming for a non-essential reason — like tourism or shopping — you will need to be fully vaccinated, for now.

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